Rotatable earth couplings for the construction of tanks, pipes and associated equipment for manual connection to the workpiece

Current couplings for loads of between 400 and 4000 A equipped with workpiece clamps or permanent magnet devices have stood the test for many years. By combining various acces-sories, 30 different couplings may be formed for a range of applications and current intensities.

A good connection between earth and workpiece is a prerequisite for perfect manual or automatic welding.

The benefits:
  • Robust design
  • Connections designed to protect the cable
  • Ease of handling
  • Workpieces are handled with precision
  • No sparking
  • No welding on required
  • No grinding
For series production, we supply workpiece clamps of a special design with a quick-clamping device or pneumatic clamping.
magnetic traverse NTF with current coupling NKK magnetic current coupling HKK with permanent magnet clamped current coupling KS clamped current coupling KS
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current coupling NKK
current coupling NKK
current coupling NKK with pole clamp PZ
current coupling NKK with clamp head K2

Earth couplings for stationary tools

magnetic transmission device HU clamp head K2 with handle connection GA 800 pole clamp PZ
pole clamp PZ